Prayer Request


"Prayer is a time of rest, a moment of relaxation;
we simply come to the One we love and stay very close to Him
like a little child in its mother's arms,
and we let our heart go ..."
~ St. Elizabeth of the Trinity




Throughout the week, your prayer requests are received. I want each of you to know that your desires are lifted daily in prayer. Together we raise the voice of our hearts - full of love for others - to the Lord who always hears. You may not receive a response from me, but you can always be assured that your desired request is read, placed before the Lord, and lifted in heart to Heart converse with our compassionate God..

Your Prayer Requests are most welcome. Please feel free to email them. They are placed before the Blessed Sacrament. Thank you for allowing me to join you in prayer.

In union with your heart, your request is lifted high to the One Who reassures us: "Do not be afraid!"




~ Our Lady of Tenderness, pray for us! ~