We Are All Called


Each of us is called, within our personal vocations, to live intimately with God. We live in the world, yet our hearts yearn and stretch beyond; seeking the fullness of a life the world cannot give. We are reaching for Love. Whether we know it or not, we are reaching for the Lord of Life.

Each vocation is unique, yet each must focus upon Christ, spend time with Christ in prayer, and come to be_still learn and live the life of inner freedom Christ came to give.

In this reflection, I'm going to share a quote below from In Praise of Hiddenness by a Camaldolese Hermit. It is being shared for the purpose of offering an understanding of a life's call to live as a hermit, hermitess, anchorite, or anchoress.

The Eremitic Life is not a life of self-centered living. It is a call to deeply love God, oneself, and others through the progressive journey of the desert; a journey of continual conversion through prayer and sacrifice for the spiritual benefit of all, including self. It is a call that leads and draws one into the silence of solitude to pray and work; offering oneself to God for God's purpose as a missionary of Divine Love.

"We have heard the call to disappear, just like bandits who hide out, and like lovers. Hermits themselves are in fact lovers who have opted for the shade, for the life hidden with Jesus in God ... then Life will overflow into the Church and humanity." (from: In Praise of HIddenness)

Each of us, within our uniquely personal vocation, is called to fall in love with God and then to share the love of God received. You, too, have the mission of being God's missionary of Divine Love.


Lord, help me to know my dream; the dream You have fashioned within me. Strengthen me to follow it and to lean upon You for all the grace needed to avoid any pitfalls. Trusting in You alone, I will reach Your destiny for me, I will know the fullness of joy in following You, I will be a living missionary of Your Love ... all in and through Your grace. Amen.




~ Our Lady of Tenderness, pray for us! ~