Our Lady's Hermitage

God's peace to your heart!

Prayer is an act of love; words are not needed.
Even if sickness distracts from thoughts,
all that is needed is the will to love.
~ St. Teresa of Avila


Chapel in hermitage


Our Lady of Tenderness is queen of this blessed hermitage. Her hidden presence is acknowledged with love throughout the day. She guides and shares the glory and wonder of her Son Jesus. I pray and trust that you also may know her hidden presence in and around you. May she lead you to Jesus; that you may perceive, learn, grow, and live Christ's love through the power flowing from His Resurrection.

When I think of Mary, a smile comes to my face while a wave of comforting joy passes through me. I can say no more. Any attempt to share the grace of having her near me through life fails terribly.


Icon of Our Lady of Tenderness

Our Lady of Vladimir, also known as Our Lady of Tenderness, is a famous Russian icon dating back to the Our Lady of Tenderness12th century. Our Lady allows her Son to tenderly draw her cheek to His. He caresses her with the full embrace of His left arm and gently touches her cheek. He leans His body close to hers and directs His gaze devotedly upon her. Mary's body and heart respond to her Son. She leans into the face of Christ while looking out to us.

Discerning His suffering, her face speaks the profound compassion of her heart. Mother and Child are intimately one. Mary directs us to look to Jesus and to follow Him in trust; to follow His Way. She will be for us, as she is for Him, a Mother full of tenderness and compassion. Jesus invites us to know Mary as He knows her; to love her with the same depth of love with which He loves her.



~ Our Lady of Tenderness, pray for us! ~