Let us continue prayer for world peace
and offer gratitude to God for grace;
that we may live as one global family united in His love.

God's peace to your heart!

I am a Sister living the eremitic life as a Diocesan Anchoress within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Metuchen. I live within the "desert space" of Our Lady of Tenderness Hermitage.

What is a Diocesan Anchoress?

An Eremitic Calling

Prayer and Work in Silence and Solitude

My primary ministry of prayer and penance is offered for Our Holy Father, all bishops and clergy, especially for Bishop James F. Checchio, Bishop of the Diocese of Metuchen, in a particular way for the Prior General of the Carmelite Order and the entire Order of Carmel, the universal Church and every societal culture throughout the world.

You may be certain prayer is lifted daily for you and yours.

Together we journey, making efforts to incarnate Christ’s love until...

“We become one in faith
and in the knowledge of God's Son,
and form the perfect man Who is Christ
come to full stature.”
–Ephesians 4:13

May the gaze of Mary, Our Lady of Tenderness, be upon you. May she lead you ever nearer the Heart of Christ, her Son and our tender Savior.



~ Our Lady of Tenderness, pray for us! ~