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God's peace to your heart!

~ Blest are your eyes because they see
and blest are your ears because they hear.

~ Matthew 13:16

Photo Credit: Karen Malik

God's voice can be smothered and silenced when we choose to attend to what fails to satisfy.

Notice the beauty of creation.

Attend to another's heart.

Hold on to the moments when silence enters your day.
Stop and listen.
The Lord speaks subtle movements of guidance, wisdom, divine comfort, and peace.

Feel the grass beneath your feet, the wind upon your face, the sounds of feathered companions around you.

Become aware of your lungs expanding and contracting, your heart beating, and your mind directing the harmonious symphony of your body's movements.

Be grateful for life - God's life within and around you.

Stay awake. The Lord is near. And you are gently being held in the palm of His Hand.


~ Our Lady of Tenderness, pray for us! ~