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God's peace to your heart!

They walk with ever-growing strength.
~ Psalm 84: 8

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Let us keep our eyes on Jesus: on His Word in scripture, His actions, His response to the needs of others.

It’s that simple. The Lord does the rest. We only need to permit His life-giving grace to work within and change us.

We do not become holy. Instead, Christ becomes our holiness. The unique person that each of us is becomes clothed in Christ. We show forth the Face of Christ uniquely.

What a sacred privilege that Christ uses us to mirror and share His life with others. What a responsibility we have to reflect His way of love and acknowledge that He alone is holy.

May we walk with ever-growing strength as we seek His Face and become the Face of Christ for one another.



Prayer to Our Lady of Tenderness


Below is a prayer composed by Bishop John W. Flesey to Our Lady of Tenderness. United in heart and mind, let us pray together that hearts across our globe may open to receive the gift of Christ's peace.


Dear Lady of Tenderness,

Dawning Sky
Photo Credit: Vaughn Noel
We live in an angry and violent world. War and terrorism threaten us on all sides. We respectfully turn to you, O Mother of the Compassionate One. We beg your intercession for us, your suffering sons and daughters. Because of the intimate bond you share with your Son Jesus, our Risen Lord, we know you will hear and heed our prayer for help. Ask your Savior Son to pour forth His Peace into our minds and hearts so that we might become one truly holy family united and guided by His Holy Spirit. Amen.
~ Bishop John W. Flesey


My peace is My gift to you.
~ John 14:27

~ Our Lady of Tenderness, pray for us! ~